My Diva Crush & Park Avenue Fashion Week

I’ve discovered an inverse relationship in blogging.  The busier I am, the more I have to blog about . . . but the busier I am, the less time I have to blog.  C’est la vie. 

The last week has been a perfect storm of varying responsibilities playing havoc on both the ability and desire to write.  There is only so much energy one can muster for the tasks at hand.  Real life isn’t a 24 episode, and those were filmed over months, anyway.  But that storm is now behind, the skies are clearing, so there will be a more bloggy me this week.

I see HEELS and LONG legs!

I see HEELS and LONG legs!

Last Saturday I sat in on the first Park Avenue Fashion Week model rehearsals.  Those are just FUN, no two ways about it.  The LONG legs, the heels, the personalities, the walks and MORE walks, I don’t feel like I’m watching a reality show as much as in one. 

These recent experiences have led me to a bit of a confession:  I think I’ve developed a bit of a crush, a diva crush.  It’s the first in a LONG while.  Many little gay boys develop diva crushes starting at an early age.  I think it’s sort of the teething stage for developing gaydar.  The diva mode is easy, as they tend to stand out in big, glorious and fun ways.  Cher, Madonna, Bette Midler, Tina Turner, even country types like Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire.  We’re drawn to them, for music, for the big personalities, sometimes just big hair, for the show, the confidence they tend to exude, the attention they receive simply by being themselves.

Center of attention . . . Roquois C making it work.

Center of attention . . . Roquois C making it work.

My new diva crush is Roquois C, who heads Model Relations for Park Avenue Fashion Week.  Remember that British show about the two women called Absolutely Fabulous?  Well, she is.  Truly.

I met her back in late July.  It was the second of the model casting calls.  I entered to see Roquois C in tight-sequined black jeans, extraordinarily high heels, eyelashes nearly as long as fingers.  I’ve personally come to believe over the years there are actually few rules in real fashion.  Individual style is what it’s really all about, taking something and making it your own because it fits you.  Not fits you as in size, but it fits your personality, your look, who you are or have become.  That being said, there is one overriding guide to always keep in mind, and that is not everyone can look good in everything.  But that’s a guide for we mere mortals, not divas, not people like Roquois C.  Simply said, there are people who can wear things most others cannot.

Is it that “it” or “X” factor we hear about?  Maybe.  Some people start the trend, lead others to want whatever it is they wore and made it seem so appealing.  Last Saturday Roquois C was wearing galactic tights.  Yes, I said it right.  And, if I need to state the obvious, they were skin tight tights, paired with more lofty HIGH heels.  Nebulas have never before seemed so amazingly fashionable.  Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame likes to say ‘make it work,’ and here everything was working overtime.

During the hour or so I was there she instructs and guides, directs, giving an approving stare, simple hand signals to motivate, goes through a long list critiquing each model’s walk, facial expression while doing so.  She demonstrates herself a few times, and the room and all its eyes are fixated on her, her every galactic move.  Her matter of fact manner, confidence, combined with what I’ve witnessed as true caring for those she coaches strike me as perfect for her role with Park Avenue Fashion Week.  That she could easily be one of those models herself only adds to the enjoyment of watching her work.  During the casting call last month she eagerly scrolled through her phone to find images of a model she was proud to have discovered, nurtured, showing before and after photos which seemed a different girl.  She was obviously proud of the transformation, not unlike a parent or teacher.  For those who attend the show this October 19th, while the models for each Local store will change, make no mistake the presence of Roquois C will be up there on the catwalk in each and every look.

So, there, my confession is out there.  Roquois C, you are out of this world!

It is that season and Park Avenue Fashion Week activities are about to kick in, with Harriett’s Happy Hour officially kicking things off tomorrow.  It is SOLD out!  So, if you missed getting tickets, sorry, all gone!

Another event sure to be fun is the Emerging Designer fashion show to take place at Maxine’s on Shine on Monday, September 23.  There are ONLY 50 tickets and they will go FAST!  They’re available via the website for $25.  Website address is:

I met with Erika Spence from The Winter Park Chamber of Commerce who is also handling marketing & communications for Park Avenue Fashion Week to find out where things are at the moment, aside from model rehearsals.  She said participating Park Avenue merchants are at present selecting music, putting together there “Look Book” for the event.  In the next few weeks they’ll be pairing their fashion selections with the models who will wear them.

It always seems like it’s a slip & slide to Fashion Week once Harriett’s Happy Hour takes place.  Behind the scenes I can tell you this is an event which does not come together easily, and everyone involved is busy times 10 laying the ground work.  It’s like an entirely separate job for all those who work on it.  And, after attending my first Park Avenue Fashion Show last year, I cannot speak of it with more enthusiasm.  It is truly amazing to me to have such a BIG event, of this quality and planning, take place in Central Park each year.

Some changes are in the works for this year, with a separate VIP tent attached to the 20,000 square foot tent where the event takes place.  Ticket prices are $50 for general admission, $150 for VIP and they are now on sale on the website. 

KUDOS to all involved.  I know how much time you spend on this, can’t wait to see the culmination of all those efforts!

A whole new bird is in the works, coming your way in late September & October, with many Park Avenue types included.

A whole new bird is in the works, coming your way in late September & October, with many Park Avenue types included.

The Power of Pink

The third exhibit at 1350 West Art Gallery kicked off on August 16.  This one benefits Libby’s Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation, and its theme of The Power of Pink is very much in keeping with the effort.  A rather long list of Local creative types will be remaking yard flamingos of the variety you’re used to seeing gather in Central Park each September.  I’m excited to see what is going to come of that.  Stay tuned here for more on that, as this will include a number of people who work on Park Avenue.  I know a few back stories and I can’t wait to see the finished products!

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One Response to My Diva Crush & Park Avenue Fashion Week

  1. Roquois is truly amazing! I have the same crush going on. Not only does she know her stuff but she teaches effectively and individually while being kind as well as calm. She has some God given talent of not only remembering every models name but their walk as well. She remembered this all within the hour of meeting 50+ models.

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