Free Speech

Release the Kraken

Release the Kraken

I have been a crappy blogger. I plead both time of year and something else I’ve realized the last few weeks . . . blogging, writing a LOT, must include some personal opinion, often a good bit. It just so happens, the timing is perfect.

I told my partner of this revelation this past Saturday. I’m going to have to start sharing what I think more, I told him.

His response was simply, hysterically: Release the Kraken!

After almost 21 years together, he knows the real me all too well, poor guy.

I’m a different mix, Winter Park, and at some point, if you care to read, I guarantee I’ll surprise you. And I’m bound to irk (nice word) more than a few along the way.

But with recent events, it’s now hard to hold back. In fact, it’s no time to hold back.

Like it or not, this Local cheerleader is going to begin sharing his Local voice.

Release the Kraken.

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