Confession. I spent most of yesterday chill-laxin’, and it carried some over to today.



I’m not tired as much as I admit some non-stop days are ahead. It’s nice to be busy, to see so many things to do. Saturday is lookin’ cra-zay. 🙂 In a good way.

In keeping with my commitment to las blogosphere, I am still writing something, though not much tonight. But some cool, fun stuff coming up, so let’s go . . .

First . . . tomorrow on what was once sort of Park Avenue’s less frequented block, things have started to come together and stuff is goin’ on! Seriously. Think in the last year all that’s opened there, with the very significant launch of the Winter Park BurgerFi. That one business, and its very cool motif, fresh and largely non-grease burger was a catalyst for the whole block. If no one else has said it, I will . . . THANK YOU, BurgerFi! Your gentrification efforts worked! I attended their opening last year, met the owners, and since they arrived good stuff has been happening on that block. So, again, THANKS!

I can just see those little legs going!

I can just see those little legs going!

Since then . . . California Closets directly across the street, and an impending opening by Smart Coffee shortly, as well as a new sushi place in the old sushi place across the street. That last one is a change which seems to happen not so infrequently. But, I digress . . . . on the same side as BurgerFi the new Rocket Fizz opened only a few weeks ago, LaBella Intimates opened after moving from Hannibal Square and the new Hadco distributor showroom for Viking also opened. This once dusty block is taking on a trendy, eclectic sort of vibe and I like it. No, correction . . . I LUV it. This being the closest section of Park Avenue to Rollins College, eclectic personality seems just what the doctor order. Prescription filled . . . good stuff going on in the first block of Park Avenue.

That being said, they’re hoping to lure you out tomorrow evening with a little Uno de Mayo! See . . . eclectic. I LUV creative thinking, creative thinkers. And they’re having a block party, serving hors d’oeuvres and drinks and offering specials tomorrow evening, Wednesday, May 1, from six to nine. Come out and check things out . . . I think you may be surprised by what you find. Check out my blog on the recent openings, as well:

Speaking of creativity . . . a tip of my sombrero to the owners of Cocina 214. Cinco De Mayo has become a new American holiday nearly . . . . not that, from what I understand, any Mexicans actually get into it. Another nod to great marketing, it seems mostly a concoction of Corona and other Mexican beers. They will have their annual block party this FRIDAY (not Sunday) from 5 to 10 in honor of it. But what’s caught my attention even more is what they have planned for Saturday morning . . . what I anticipate will be a new tradition to rival the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, the Running of the Chihuahuas! Yes, holey frijoles, I can’t wait. AND, I’ll be speaking with Lambrine, one of the owners, tomorrow to get more info. I can just imagine all those little legs trotting along at a rapid rate!

Two Kentucky Derby parties happening Locally on Saturday.

Two Kentucky Derby parties happening Locally on Saturday.

Also Saturday . . . at least two Local Kentucky Derby parties. If you’re interested, stay tuned, because I’ll have more on them tomorrow . . . PROMISE!

I’m being yelled at for dinner. Isn’t that always the way? I didn’t cook, so I’d better run!

Til tomorrow . . . . holy bricks & Spanish moss, I LUV Winter Park!

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