I LUV Winter Park!

I LUV Winter Park!

Five years ago this past Tuesday, the day ILUVWinterPark.com was launched, I moved to Winter Park from South Florida. Thinking of going back to our previous home of Atlanta but unsure we could deal with the traffic – and COLD winters! – yet determined to leave the Florida coast, a neighbor who had met her husband in Winter Park years before suggested it as a possibility.

We visited and had soon purchased a house, largely based upon a recommendation from a trusted friend and our positive experience during a first visit.

We got a lot of grief from friends and neighbors when they found out we were leaving South Florida. “Oh, you’re going to miss it,” they’d say, sure in their claims. But each and EVERY time I revealed where we were to move, I got the same response again and again: “I LUV Winter Park.” Their voices changed, their desire to taunt diminished, now unfruitful.

Five years to the day I drove a moving truck here, I’ve launched a website commemorating the sentiment expressed by those South Floridians who couldn’t believe we would leave, but seemed equally certain of their own fondness for our destination.

The city of Winter Park recently rolled out a new promotional campaign with the tag line: ‘Every day exceptional’. These sorts of efforts don’t always hit the mark, speak to you or me as individual residents, the people who know their community best. But I’d have to give this one an A+. Completely unlike any other community in Florida, Winter Park may well be the state’s best kept.

My hope is that my website can be a positive for Winter Park and the wonderful variety of small businesses which dot her landscape, the residents who feel fortunate, as I do, to call her home.

It will be a local deal site from the outset, but very different from the ones which are well known. Focused locally to businesses within five miles of downtown Winter Park, my goal is to be one of small business’ best friends and allies, operating under the principle that a good deal for the consumer does not have to be bad business for a small business owner. We will soon have a shop for one-of-a-kind items, and an events calendar on the website, with more offerings to follow. For the consumer — especially ones like me which resist driving nearly as much as a trip to the doctor — we hope to provide you that many more reasons to STAY local. Why leave when you’ve got the best stuff right here?!

I believe we need more celebrating of just what a special place we have here and we will do that with this blog, with our facebook page, with our merchandising page and more. I appreciate your help spreading the word about the site and look forward to meeting other Winter Park LUVers in the near future!

Winter Park IS exceptional and I truly do LUV Winter Park.

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One Response to I LUV Winter Park!

  1. Woman’s Club of Winter Park,419 S Interlachen, Winter Park, is having a Winter Park Woman’s Show,Similar to Southern Woman’s Show, featuring Women owned companies small and large on
    Saturday,May 18,2013.Reality is Women and Community supporting Women businesses and letting community know about these cottage business and any business that are managed or owned by women. Requesting how WPark Wclub can have your Facebook mention this event.
    At the present we need to inform the community know Woman’s Club is having this event and we are renting tables to feature their product or company for 7ft for $100.00.(Includes table and electricity.)
    I can forward a copy of the flyer.
    I am (Penney Cutter), asking you because ILUVWinter Park keeps me up on Winter Park news and views.Please contact me to discuss 321-436-4181 to discuss our venture with ILUVWinterPark

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