Artist About Town

Our I LUV Winter Park blog will seek to regularly spotlight a local artist, perhaps the most creative of our local Parkpreneurs. We’ll provide a bit of information on the artist and then attempt to display an online gallery of their work. Anyone who lives in Winter Park knows that in Winter Park we LUV our artists!

It’s doubly nice when you find someone who’s not just local, but also focuses their art on local subject matter.

Georgia Lynn Roark is just such an artist. She says she became interested in art, especially drawing, at age six. She was on Park Avenue with her mother, also a talented artist, when she saw some drawings of local landmarks. That one experience, which she now recalls fondly, had an impact which has lasted a lifetime.

She now has a varied and extensive portfolio of sketches, murals and other paintings. Some of these have been put together over the years in calendars, of which some will appear below.

The artist enjoys doing special projects, including portraits of homes.

You can see more of her work and contact her via her website:

And now . . . . Winter Park, as seen through the eyes and via the talents of Georgia Roark . . . .

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