Hello Winter Park!

What’s so special about Winter Park?

A lot.  So, rather than try the impossible task of bullet pointing it for you, I’m going to blog about it.  This blog will be a combination Winter Park cheerleader, historic narrator, arts promoter and business reporter.  Winter Park is a great place to live and as much as possible, I will try to capture much of just what makes it so right here.  If Spanish moss starts coming out of your keyboard, success!  😉

FIRST, today we’re coining a new term you’ll see a lot in this blog:  Parkpreneur.  Definition?  A Winter Park resident who’s doing, or has done, something unique, different, adding one more brick to the unique mosaic of people, places and things which comprise this wonderful community.

And in the near future, here are a few of the Parkpreneurs you’ll be meeting and learning about, . . . .

Something to alarm the dentists!  We’ll soon get some background on Winter Parkpreneur Rebecca Dunford McCamy, the founder of Sassafras Sweet Shoppe.  We’ll meet her friendly and energetic staff and learn about some of the sweet, the sour and, yes, THE crunchy (did someone say grasshoppers?) things they have in store for you when you visit.  This is not your grandfather’s sweet shoppe.  But, yeah, there are probably a few shelves which could quickly whisk him back to his youth!  Sassafras is quickly becoming a big time party venue for the younger crowd.  We’ll go behind the scenes to learn about the inspiration for this one-of-a-kind addition to the Winter Park landscape.

Something beautiful!  Winter Park’s own Orchid Lady is expanding beyond the Farmer’s Market.  Ginny’s Orchids has become one of those iconic Winter Park staples most everyone knows and looks forward to seeing, enjoying, adding her work to their own homes.  We’ll take a tour of her new store and maybe learn a bit about how she developed such a green thumb.  (Or is it purple with orchids?  We’ll find out!)  House warming presents were never easier; and, now you don’t have to wait until Saturday to pick one up!

Something worldly!  Been in to visit Bajalia yet?  This wonderful new shop features jewelry, clothing, home accessories and more all made by women artisans from around the world.  It’s located right here in Winter Park on Park Avenue (just down from the old Storehouse location), but the Parkpreneur who’s behind this shop will appear on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) this Tuesday to share its tremendous offerings to a national audience! Bajalia offers gorgeous necklaces from Tibet, dolls from India, pillows from Peru, lamps from Morocco and so much more.  What it also offers is hope and opportunity for the women who have so beautifully crafted these eye-catching, handmade products.  We’ll meet it’s founder, Debbie Farah, and learn much more about what’s available in the store and what helped to inspired its noble goals.

Something educational!  Who knows everything about Winter Park?  Yeah, no body.  Maybe one practical joker just raised his hand.  There’s so much to know, to learn, to appreciate!  Winter Parkpreneur Jennifer Franklin obviously took that into account when she started Winter Park City Tours.  Franklin started the company last fall with the intent of providing 60 to 90 minute walking tours covering various areas of Winter Park.  Got a special event or looking for something unique for a group you’re involved with?  Consider a Winter Park City Tour.  It’s a terrific way to learn more about your surroundings, from Rollins College to Casa Feliz to Historic Hannibal Square . . . . you’ll get some exercise AND be able to school your friends on local history!  In fact . . . . if you’d like to start this Saturday, March 5, come join us for a tour of Rollins College!  We’ve got space available and we can check out that gorgeous campus together!  Learn more at http://www.WinterParkCityTours.com .  Would love to have you join us as I learn something myself!

And THAT is just a few highlights.  Watch this space for more in the coming months, from museum tours to more Parkpreneur profiles to Winter Park stuff you didn’t even know you wanted to know and will soon be telling everyone else all about!

Got ideas for this blog?  A local business celebrating an anniversary or about to open? Someone doing something good in the community? Someone with an amazing knowledge of something that is quintessentially Winter Park?

Shoot it my way . . . . with “BLOG” in the subject line to: ILUVWinterPark@earthlink.net

And watch for the launch of ILUVWinterPark.com in April.  Deals where you LIVE! And some other great stuff, too!



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6 Responses to Hello Winter Park!

  1. Kim DeJong says:

    Great job Clyde!!!!

  2. Suzanne Lemons says:

    I love the candy shop on Park Ave., and I am excited for Ginny’s orchids. Bravo!

  3. James shuff says:

    Very Nice Clyde !

  4. Lauren Barley says:

    Clyde, this is fantastic! 🙂

  5. Diane Homrich says:

    Nice Website, Clyde!

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